The activities of the Continuous Training Program are intended for people who are already part of the Judiciary. Its purpose is to promote new knowledge acquisition and to develop skills to better perform their task.

This aim is achieved, on one hand, by the professional experience of the people who work in the judiciary and, on the other, through their participation, as faculty or students, in the development of activities or courses, intended to profit from such experience and give participants theoretic and practical tools suitable to the task they are responsible for. According to its legal mandate, the Judicial Academy training program has as a goal to deepen in the objective of bestowing Judiciary members with the basic skills and criteria to perform their tasks, as well as to strength the underlying principles of the jurisdictional endeavor.

Training courses are carried out all over the country based on a system of competitive funds. In this way, and as rule of thumb, it’s not the Academy which delivers a course. The courses are delivered by people who, as natural person or under the auspices of an institution, were awarded in the respective process. The delivery of the courses is supervised by the Academy.

Each year, the Academy offers a wide range of courses, including contents ranging from legal theory to law, to topics aimed at improving the day-to-day aspects of court work, including technical and management skills.