Development Area


The Development Unit mission is to design, plan, coordinate, support and execute courses and projects considered strategic for the Judicial Academy.

Among its lines of action we can find:

1. Training Program for judges with criminal jurisdiction, Justices of Law No. 21.057 that regulates videotaped interviews and other measures to protect children and adolescents victims or witnesses of sexual offences.

2. Legislative follow-up of bills which establish training or continuous training for the members of the primary level of the Judiciary and judicial officials, in order to carry out activities aimed at the timely and adequate implementation of the courses that the law requires once it comes into force.

3. Design and implementation of innovation projects for the training programs of the Judicial Academy, in collaboration with government agencies and civil society.

4. Implementation of the institutional policy of equality and non-discrimination approved in 2019 by the Board of Directors of the institution.

Development Area

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