Initial Training Program

Initial Training Program


The Initial Training Program aims to train its students to join the Primary Level of the Judiciary. In this context, at the end of the program, graduates can understand the social role of the judicial function and the relevance of an efficient and timely administration of justice according to the requirements of a rule of law, and employ skills, abilities, knowledge and criteria required for the exercise of the judicial function.

With this understanding, the Judicial Academy directs the training of its students basically to two areas:

– Judicial function

Several aspects of training related to the judge functions in an institutional and social environment are addressed, among others, competences related to the analysis of legal and ethical rules, teamwork skills, administrative management and skills related to the relationship with the media.

– Judicial decision

It seeks to update knowledge about current law and to emphasize training on judicial reasoning, how to draw up sentences and other decisions in oral or written procedures, as well as the skills in conducting hearings in oral proceedings and the recursive field.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Academy combines theoretical and practical teaching, through classes and case law analysis and case resolution, simulation exercises and internships in courts and tribunals. Lessons take place on the premises of the Judicial Academy. As for the internships, they are in charge of a tutor, judge or rapporteur, who transfers the student his/her practical and personal experience and carries out a plan to exercise key competences for the jurisdictional role.

The Initial Training Program cours are awarded to external teaching teams, through a public tender. These teams are made up of law professors from various Chilean universities, as well as from other disciplines, just as members of the Judiciary. In this way, we seek to cover the training themes from an interdisciplinary perspective, of excellence and linked to the reality of jurisdictional work.

Initial Training Program

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