Habilitation Program


The Habilitation Program is a professional continuous training program which is intended to provide the knowledge and skills that enable the fulfillment of the functions of Justice and judicial prosecutor of the court of appeals.

The program covers issues of substantive and procedural law and, specifically, the knowledge and enabling skills required for the exercise of the function.

The number of courses provided each year and the number of vacancies is a decision of the Board of Governors of the Judicial Academy. The applicants selection is done according to the criteria established in the law (annual qualification, category and seniority).

Habilitation Program

The Judicial Prosecutor’s Office is part of the Judiciary (different from the prosecutors of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, responsible for criminal prosecution). It is a supporting institution of the administration of justice, which is exercised by the Judicial Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, who is the head of the service, and by the judicial prosecutors of the Courts of Appeals. The functions of the judicial prosecutor’s office are limited to judicial matters and those of an administrative nature of the State, in which a law especially requires its intervention.

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